About 100 Brockville students were educated in 4-room schoolhouse

About 100 Brockville students were educated in 4-room schoolhouse

Matthew Ballard May 4, 2015


Old-Time Orleans, Vol. 1, Issue 6

MURRAY – This image taken in the late 1920s shows the interior of a classroom at the Murray District No. 6 School located on the corner of West Brockville and Fancher roads. Unlike other rural schoolhouses in the area, this building had four classrooms used to teach over 100 students enrolled in the district.

This particular school was constructed in 1911 and was likely built to accommodate the Italian families living in the area. Guy D’Amico served as the first teacher and instructed all eight grades in three of the classrooms. Mabel Brockway and Ella Clark were the last two teachers to serve the district.

The school was closed in 1947 and in 1955 the district allowed the Fancher Legion Post to use the building following a devastating fire that burned their former post building the previous year. When the Fancher Post disbanded in 1971, a heated debate over ownership ensued.

Per terms of the original use agreement, ownership would revert to District No. 6 should the Fancher Post cease to use the building. Instead, Jewell Buckman Post of Holley claimed ownership and razed the building in 1972, claiming the building was dilapidated and a safety hazard to the community.

Row 1 (near door): Kathryn Vendetta, Roger Valentine, Nello Seusoli and Laurence Passarell.

Row 2: Billy Bower, Henry Paduano, Edwin Bower, Camille Monacelli, Antonette Colucci, Fern Napoleon and Arthur Monacelli.

Row 3: Louis Monacelli, Lena Mele, Gordon Valentine, James Bell, Clara DePalma, Richard Vendetta and Myron Converse.

Row 4: Floyd Valentine, Seymour Clark, Ronald Hilfiker, Verna Presutti, Iola Valentine and Otta Nenni.

Three students – Norma DiLaura, Ettore D’Amico and Lorraine Monacelli – were absent from class the day this photograph was taken.

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